Backpacks & Response Packs

First Responder

This pack is manufactured in I/C material with a full foldaway backpack, the interior has an oxygen bag, collar sleeve and detachable colour coded windowed pouches, side and top carry handles.

Code: 200530/FR
Sizes h.59 w.30 d.28cms

Fire & Rescue Trauma Pack Responder 200530

Manufactured in reinforced heavy duty fire resistant Contract-plan, making this trauma pack water resistant and easy to scrub clean, front has dedicated collar pouch for Multi-fits or Stif-neck, below this, an A4 document pouch. Twin zip opening, twin carry handles top and side, rear fold away backpack, side Mag-Lite holder, inside 3 small detachable colour coded window pouches, 3 large and 2 small zip pouches for oxygen masks, and fracture straps etc. Also a removable CD oxygen sling with side attachment straps and removable shoulder strap.
Labelling and brigade crests to customers requirements.
Available in red/black zips or green/black zips

Size 59cm Long 30cm Wide 28cm Deep

OXY Pack EMS 2007EMS-OP18

Manufactured in H/D Contract Plan, detachable top and side skid sheets, top and side grab handles with torch attachment, full foldaway backpack. Front has twin opening pouches with elasticated mesh pouches, removable CD Oxygen insert with safety strap. Inside: collar and document centre pouch, detachable zip opening colour coded, windowed pouches, (4 x medium, 1 x large), and 1 x detachable AED pouch. This makes a robust, compact Primary Response Pack.

Size 58h x 28w x 33d


A compact Immediate Response Pack, containing Oxygen Bag, Collar bag within the centre of the Pack and colour coded windowed pouches.
The outer of the pack is hard wearing, easy clean I/C material. There is a full backpack plus sleeve to allow the pack to be used with a trolley

ALS (Paediatric & Adult)

A fully organised Pack with light emitting labels for contents recognition,
manufactured in I/C material for cleaning purposes. The pack will attach to the BLS or Oxypac I/C. This is available for Adult & Paediatric. As used by North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

Oxy/pack Plus Code: 200535

This pack manufactured in Ballistic Cordura is a very compact Primary response pack. It has top and side carry handles, skid sheets, full fold away back pack, twin zip opening. The front has a removable CD Oxygen Module with two twin zipped pouches for diagnostic equipment and oxygen masks. This enables the diagnostics to be done without opening the main bag. The main bag has removable mesh pouches with photo-luminescent labels, and centre zipped sleeve for Multi-Fit collars, A4 Documents etc.
Size: 58(H) x 28(W) x 30(D)

Midwife Pack I/C 2007MW01

Top and side carry handles, large front pocket for delivery kit, twin zip-opening with colour coded zip opening, detachable windowed pouches. Full foldaway back pack and padded shoulder strap, manufactured in heavy duty conplan.

Size 41h x 36w x 35d

Midwife Oxy Pack 2007MW02

Oxygen Pack will carry CD cylinder, mesh pouch inside for mask & tubing, detachable Neonatal module.

Size 22h x 56w x 15d

ECP Suture Pack 200415

Zip opening grab bag with top carry handles, bottom skid sheet, front document sleeve, and SR buckles for attaching to main bag. Inside there are removable windowed zip pouches of various sizes for organising contents, the centreboard reveals another side with large zip pouches and one large fixed mesh pouch.

Size 36h x 38w x 18d

ECP Diagnostic Pack 200417

Box bag with top carry handle, twin end pockets, and zip opening organised front pocket with removable pouches for diagnostic equipment. Twin opening zips leave the access clear to the partitioned inner for organising paperwork and files, set pocket for pens, pencils, phone and patient monitoring equipment etc. The back has webbing loops for the bag to sit secure on the front or rear seat of the vehicle using the seat belt for retaining the bag. Robust skid sheet to the bottom and removable padded shoulder strap.

Size 28h x 60w x 30cd

ECP Drug Pack 200418

Large drug bag with top carry handle, front document sleeve covered drug contents flap. Inside, centre board making four sides with detachable windowed pouches, one side black and the other red pouches for cardiac drugs. All drugs can be stored in their boxes.

Size 36h x 38w x 18d

AED Grab Bag 200401

Small compact Contract-plan pack with the same features as the Response Grab Bag, but with a full width front pocket for the AED. This pack has a heavy duty skid sheet to the base, plus full sleeve on a foldaway backpack. There are two label sleeves on the front, and a Mag-Lite holder on the top. Available in many colours logos and labels if required.

Size 36h x 27w x 27d

Paramedic Bergen Code Bergen/LAS

Manufactured in Cordura, a fully organised Medical Bergen with detachable side pouches for personal kit, or organised for response kit. This Bergen has removable Modules suitable for Foot Patrol Paramedics. As used by London Ambulance Service NHS Trust at Events.

HEMS Module

Will attach on to the front of the HEMS Modular Bergen. Available in drugs module, maternity/entonox module and a collar and splint module.


HEMS Modular Bergen Code HEMS/MODULAR

This Bergen Is made with a flat front with SR Buckles for attaching Modules. All the Modules are fully organised as is the main Bergen. This System splits down and can be stowed in the Helicopter Storage Box in the rear of the aircraft.

HEMS Bergen Code Bergen/HEMS

Manufactured in Cordura, a fully organised HEMS Bergen System with a fully organised zip open side FRB’s, Drug bag, Intubation & Airway Module, ALS Module etc.

C D Cameleon Code: 200405

Ballistic Cordura Pack c/w foldaway Backpack, side and top grab handles. There is a long front collar pocket and document pocket, the L/W carry sheet can be carried folded in the front pocket. Inside fully organised removable mesh pouches c/w light emitting labels, CD oxygen insert or CD Oxygen Sling. This makes a very useful narrow and compact Response Pack. Also available with colour coded windowed pouches.

Size: 31(W) x 55(H) x 20(D)

CD Cameleon Bergen Back Code 211216

A Ballistic Cordura Pack similar to the CD Cameleon, with long front collar pocket and front document pocket. This pack has a full Simplex Bergen back c/w Lumbar pad and waist harness, side compression straps. Available with L/weight mesh pouches or colour coded windowed pouches, it will also carry a CD Oxygen sling, making this pack a very compact and comfortable backpack.
Size: 31(W) x 55(H) x 24(D)