Bespoke for Customers

Rescue & Medical Ltd manufactures bespoke bags & modules for a wide range of Customers, as shown below.

Chest Compression Systems

All types of AED module packs

Make Ready full Patient module X-Series packs

Make Ready E-Series Packs

Make Ready Patient Module Lifepak 15 Packs

All types of pouches and packs extending drug storage, Personal Protection equipment, infection control, especially for Make ready Systems

Ampoule File System Drug Pack (ADP/2015)

Make ready I/C wipe clean drug bag, with pouches for boxed drugs and removable file system for ampoules.

PTS First Aid bag (PTS/D/2015)

I/C vinyl wipe clean, Velcro free, organised first aid dressings pack for PTS. It has a top carry handle and shoulder strap.

Dressing Storage Pack (DSP/2015)

Manufactured in I/C wipe clean Vinyl, it has a front document sleeve, top carry handle and shoulder strap. Inside moveable sections to organise dressings, the lid has a mesh pouch and elastic organised loops.

A full design prototype and manufacturing facility for all your EMS needs, shown here NHS P1 Adult and Paediatric NHS National Reserve Stock Packs.