Make Ready Vehicle Bags & Modules


Manufactured in contract-plan, for infection control.
Box bag that does not roll over, for CD oxygen and entonox cylinders and ancillaries.
Exterior: twin zip top flap with ID sleeve, removable skid sheet (fuel and chemical resistant), top grab handles and large padded shoulder strap, reflective tape and ID sleeve, crests and logos to order.
Interior: the top flap has zipped mesh pouches for masks and therapy tubes.
The sides of the bag have fixed mesh pouches, and airway organisers, a wipe-able inner surface, and non-slip cylinder pad.

Sizes: h.22 w.58 d.21cms

CD Oxygen/Entonox Barrel Bag 200404

Robust, Contract-plan barrel bag, with bottom skid sheet, top grab handle, removable shoulder strap and label sleeve. Inside 4 x mesh pouches and elasticated for airway management, plus neoprene cylinder pad. Many colours available, logos and labelling if required.

Size 59w x 24h

Make Ready Systems

Modular systems designed for EMS Response Units including Ambulance, RRU and Paramedic Practitioners etc. Fully organised and colour coded inner pouches that can be sealed and labelled for Make Ready management. Materials used are chosen for easy cleaning for Infection Control System. Packs showed here used by South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

Make Ready Modules

Also used by South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust, these modules will attach with SR25 buckles to the Primary Bags making a fully integrated and interchangeable system.


Available in robust Cordura or I/C contract-plan for infection control. Exterior: twin zip-opening bag, with reflective tape and ID sleeve, Crests or Logos
to order. Detachable bottom skid-sheet and top grab handles.
Interior: two removable, windowed, zip opening pouches, a removable equipment board, with pre-spaced elastic straps. This is a fully organised Paediatric vehicle bag.

Size h.26 w.34 d.17cms

Paediatric Box Bag 98394

Compact Contract-plan carry bag with partitions for contents and larger mesh pouch in lid, twin pull zips carry handle, label and plastic sleeve to top.

Size 35h x 20w x 22d


Manufactured in contract-plan for infection control.
This bag was designed as a primary or secondary response pack.
Exterior: twin zip opening bag with top grab handles, removable large padded shoulder strap, and chemical resistant skid sheet, reflective tape and ID sleeve.
Interior: the inner is divided into three sections, two with colour coded zip opening modules:
1. Airway management (with elasticated centre-board for, laryngoscope, blades, tubes etc.)
2. Dressings. Both airway and dressing modules have removable colour coded, zip opening windowed pouches
The centre section is divided for casualty diagnostic and monitoring equipment.

Size h.30 w.44 d.28cms

RRU Drug Bag & RRU Auxiliary

Fully organised Drug Pack manufactured in I/C. with colour coded, windowed pouches. The Auxiliary Pack contains back-up replacement for the main Pack;
it can be attached to the main Pack with buckles. Our entire drug Packs range can be consecutively numbered for traceability and stock control for
“Make-Ready” systems. As used by South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust.



Manufactured in contract-plan for infection control. Roomy pack to hold collars, top zip and grab handles. Front reflective tape and ID sleeve. Crests and logos to order. Available in a range of colours.

Size h.23 w.63 d.13cms

Make Ready Oxygen Pouched Code 201218

Manufactured in I/C material Quad zip opening, fully pouched Oxygen Primary Response Pack, it has four colour coded large windowed pouches, two BVM windowed pouches and four small colour coded diagnostic lid pouches. The heavy reinforced side webbing protects the reflective tapes and labels. Removable skid to protect the bottom of the bag, shoulder strap and module att. buckles. Twin top grab handles .specially designed for locker use and “Make Ready” Vehicles, it has fixed Oxygen Retention Pad, or available with detachable CD sling.
Size: 62(L) x 23(H) x 23(D)

Make Ready Zipless Primary Code: 201201

Specially designed for heavy repeated use in “Make Ready” and Frontline Ambulance Response services. The Bag has no main closing Zips and the outer has two simple replacement parts, making ongoing repairs simple for “Make Ready Teams”. The bag can be used with just the top open for diagnostic work, half open for resuscitation or fully open for organised use. There are six large and four small colour coded
windowed pouches, plus a collar insert bag c/w pouches for
documentation. Also a removable CD oxygen sling c/w shoulder strap, and attachments that can be strapped to a patient stretcher or chair. This makes a flexible and comprehensive Primary Response Pack.
Sizes: 62(L) x 29(H) x 23(W)

Make Ready Zippless Oxygen Code: 201202

Specially designed for heavy repeated use, specification as Zippless Primary. Difference is it is slightly smaller and with less organised space, but still has a selection of colour coded pouches and a removable CD Oxygen sling.
Sizes: 62(L) x 24(H) x 23(W)

Small Drug Bag Code 201207

Manufactured in I/C material or Cordura, this is a very
organised response drug bag. A5 ID sleeve on outside, top grab handles, and main bag attachment buckles. Inside one large cardiac pouch for boxed Adrenalin, two separate
removable pouches, detachable padded centre board for syringes, prefilled and ampoules. Attachment buckles are for Cannulation Module.
Size: 30(W) x 22(H) x 12(D)

Cannulation Module Code; 201208

Compact module with a single top grab handle, pouched one side for fluids & IV sets the other side two rows for cannulars. Elasticated centre board for syringes etc. Manufactured in I/C material and will attach to the Small Drug Bag.
Size 33(W) x 22(H) x 9(D)

Drug Bag Twin Zipped Code: 201209

Manufactured in I/C Material designed for “Make Ready”
systems, this compact organised Drug Bag has detachable windowed pouches c/w ID sleeves, twin padded centre board for ampoules, pre-fills, etc. ID sleeves either side.
Cannulation section has a combination of a pouch for fluids, two cannular rows and an organised centre board for syringes etc. The exterior has sharp box attachments straps and twin grab handles also module att. buckles. Also available unique
numbering, sewn-on for ID traceability.
Size 30(W) x 22(H) x 23(D)