Resilience & Military


Product designed specifically for USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) it has a half Symplex Backpack system that stows to maintain the smooth exterior, allowing for the pack to be dragged through confined spaces. The interior is fully organised with detachable colour coded windowed pouches, oxygen module and collar insert. The Pack is manufactured in a wipe clean material, c/w drain hole at the base.

Sizes: 72 X 31 X 23


Heavy-duty Commanders bag in Cordura.
Exterior: removable chemical resistant skid sheet, top grab handles, front has extended webbing loops for seat belt retention within vehicles, ID sleeves to the front of the bag. Twin zip opening lid for easy access.
Interior: partitioned for documentation, pens, phones, radios. The centre section is padded to protect cameras, recording equipment etc. Crests and logos to order.

Size: h.28 w.52 d.22cms

1/4 POMS (Portable Organised Medical Systems) 98123

A small rapidly deployed POMS systems. Single sided organised system with detachable pouches, it folds out of a storage bag. It also has a quick snap hook on the top strap and top & side webbings, the transport bag can be used for discarded packaging, sharps boxes etc.,
The panel can be rapidly folded back into its bag and moved to the next operation. Can be colour coded.

Size 32cm x 32cm x 76cm
Size Panel Open 82cm x 180cm

Pouch set available
NSN 6545 – 99 – 479 – 5416



Spinal Extrication Pack 87017
nsn. 6515-99-898-2897

This very effective extrication unit is fully flexible before fitting, allowing rescuer ease of application in difficult situations. The main spine can be shaped so that casualties wearing helmets can be recoverd without removing protective head gear. It is complete with cervical collars that attach to the unit and neoprene pad eliminating head movement. The device also has quick release front straps and fully flexible chest section to allow ease of access to chest area. Materials are 1100gsm ballistic Cordure for strength and enabling any repairs needed, it comes complete with carry bag with backpack that will accommodate splint kit within. A full lifting harness is available for vertical lifts and can be used with
MIBS Stretcher.

Packed size 90cm x 26cm x 26cm

Replacement Parts

Head Pad: 87017-A nsn.6515-99-923-0092
Paramedic strap (short): 87017-B
Carry Bag: 87017-C
Cervical Collar (small): 87018 nsn. 6515-99-365-5983
Cervical Collar (Medium): 87018-A nsn. 6515-99-363-9836
Cervical Collar (Large): 87018-B nsn. 6515-99-772-1479

MSB Medical Snatch Bag 87020

Large rucksack with expanding storm cover to take immediate response equipment twin opening zip front section containing removable mesh pouches and eqpt roll, behind this there is a large rucksack section to take personal kit or larger medical kit eg blankets, oxygen, intubation roll or modules of any kind.
There are 25mm side release buckles on top front section for FRB (hip bag) to attach
to, all pouches interchangeable.
NSN. 6545-99-495-5504

MSB OXY 87020-D

This version is complete with oxygen sleeve in rear section of bag.
NSN. 6545-99-495-3436
Size 64cm x 36cm x 28cm

Fitness Assessment Vest Code: 201213

Fitness Assessment Vest Code: Robust Cordura Load Bearing Vest with detachable weights that are held in flapped pouches; this allows the weights to be removed for fitting and cleaning. The rear lifting handle and full side adjustment aids fitting, this is ideal for
fitness training. Maximum weight 40Kg.
Size: adjustable

Splinting System Neoprene 87015
nsn. 6515-99-898-2898

A very robust easy to apply system made from hard wearing neoprene with H/Duty 50mm Velcro closing straps. The kit has six parts that are dedicated, or can be attached to others giving unlimited applications.
These splints expand with the injury eliminating circulation restrictions, also have excellent insulation properties and are not affected by adverse weather conditions. The splints have a pre-shapeable centre spine allowing the rescuer to bend the splint to the shape required for the injury and are versatile enough for use on small children and can be joined side by side to form box splints etc. All parts are available to replace losses. Set comes with three paramedic straps and collar.

Paced size 15cm x 15cm x 76cm

Replacent Parts/Splints

Paramedic strap (L) 87015-A nsn. 6515-99-244-8207
Splint Bag 87015-B
Cervical collar 87015-C nsn. 6515-99-363-9836
Knee/foot extension splint 87015-D nsn. 6515-99-514-3928
Arm splint 87015-E nsn. 6515-99-193-6994
Upper arm splint 87015-F nsn. 6515-99-108-5407
Leg/arm splint 87015-G nsn. 6515-99-230-2626
Thigh splint 87015-H nsn. 6515-99-253-0043
Arm/knee/ankle splint 87015-J nsn. 6515-99-190-8881
The splinting kit can be stored inside 87017 Spinal Extrication Kit (87017)

P O Leg Bag Code 200523DP

Ballistic Cordura Leg Bag, with square link belt attachment for rapid removal & leg strap. Full zip opening with clam
retention straps to stop the pack opening fully. Inside two fixed mesh pouches to hold two full “trauma Dressing Packs”, airways, nasal, Ashermans’s etc.
Size: 20(W) x 30(H) x 12(D)

P O Cameleon FP 88151

Ballistic Cordura with foldaway backpack, top grab handles and front pocket to hold two Rescue & medical Light weight Carry Sheets. Inside there are four detachable mesh pouches c/w light emitting labels for night recognition, each pouch will hold one full Trauma Dressing Pack or Airway management Equipment, fluids etc.
Size: 38(H) x 28(W) x 24(D)

P O Lightweight Carry Sheet Code: 98131

Heavy duty Carry / Drag Sheet c/w pole apertures and eight grab handles, it rolls up very compactly, two can be carried in the front pocket a P O Cameleon or If it is folded flat it can be carried in the front pocket of a CD Cameleon.
Size Rolled: 12 x 23cms.

P O Dressing Bag Code: 88658DP

Tough Cordura carry bag with waterproof skid sheet and a full width top zip opening flap. It will hold 12 pre-filled Trauma Dressing Packs and has vehicle attachment side loops. This is used as a backup bag for the PO Cameleon and the PO Leg Bag
Size: 43(W) x 28(H) x 22(D)

A3 / A4 Folder Bags Code: 201203A4 / 201204A3

Heavy duty Cordura Folder Bag with detachable “ring Binder” inserts, top grab handles, A5 Document sleeve on the outer, “D” ring attachments for hanging the folder upright & Internal pockets for cards, pens etc.

Size A4: 34(W) x 34(H) x 6(D)
Size A3: 48(W) x 37(H) x 6(D)

Entry Bag Code: 201214

Manufactured in I/C, quad zip, double opening Entry Assessment Bag, rear hang up straps, fully pouches for pens, paperwork etc.
Size: 43(W) x 25(H) x 18(D)

A3 / A4 Larger Folder Packs A4 Code: 201205A4

Has twin zip packs, one side for removable ring binder, as standard document folder bag. It has mesh pouches for extra contents and pen elastics. The second zip opening compartment is for spare A4 pad, map, cards etc. There are rear “D” for hanging up, top grab handles, zip mesh front pocket and Velcro label attachment panel.
Size: 34(W) x 27(H) x 12(D)

A3 Code: 201206A3

This pack is 15cm wider than standard A3 Folder bag, it has a long attachment strap also neoprene pads on the back for grip when using on the bonnet or boot lid of a vehicle and top grab handles. Inside accommodates a removable A3 Ring binder, and there are mesh pockets for extra equipment and elastic pens holders.
Size: 62(W) x 37(H) x 6(D)

Large Holdall Code 98125

Robust Ballistic Cordura Twin Top zip opening bag, long carry handles, water resistant skid sheet and removable Helmet guard and boot bag available.
Size: 76(L) x 32(W) x 32(H)

Small Holdall Code 87334

Robust Ballistic Cordura Bag, top zip opening, water resistant skid sheet, fixed Velcro opening end pocket, long carry handles.
Size: 47(L) x 25(H) x 30(W)