Velcro Free, Response Packs

Rapid Response Oxygen Modular (RROP/2015)

A compact Oxygen Pack, manufactured in I/C Contract plan heavy duty, wipe clean Vinyl with a robust bias weave for added strength. This new Velcro free, fully modular pack is part of a Rapid Response two pack system. It is designed for single Paramedics working alone; the pack has a full backpack system, waist belt and lumbar support. The quick close handles allow the pack to be grabbed quickly without closing the zip. There is a dedicated “sharps box” external pouch on the side, and quick release square link attachments on the front of the pack to take modules. Inside there are dedicated BVM, Oxygen mask, and I-Gel pouches that sit either side of the Oxygen cylinder. The cylinder sleeve has a dedicated pocket; with access form the top external flaps. This allows the cylinder to be removed from the pack whilst still closed. The opposite side has two compression mesh flaps, which retain the front pouches or modules. Internal photos show fully pouched, external photo how a selection of modules attached.

Collar Module (RROxy/C/2015)

Full length Collar Module that will attach to the front square links, and can be pulled tight with compression straps.

eCPR Module (RROxy/eCPR/2015)

There are several Electronic Patient Record Modules, depending upon tablet or I-Pad. The one shown is for an I-Pad.

Intubation Module (RROxy/I/2015)

This module can be either attached to the outside of the RR Oxygen pack or secured on the inside with the mesh compression flaps. Manufactured in the same I/C material as the main bag. Inside the front there are elastics for I-Gels, the centre has eight mesh intubation tube files for tubes in packaging. The rear section has multiple elastics for blades, handles, Magills etc.

IM/IV/IO Modules (RROxy/IM/2015)

This module can also be attached to the front of the RR Oxygen pack, or can sit next to the Intubation Module inside the front of the RR pack. The front Inner has elastic loops for Venflons, syringes etc. there are internal centre boards for; dressings, flats etc. the rear section is for IO Gun etc.

Diagnostic Module (RROxy/D/2015)

Fully organised with mesh pouches both sides, centre board with elastic straps one side, mesh pouch opposite for stethoscope. The outer is the same I/C wipe clean material, and has the same square link attachment for RR Oxygen pack front, also optional belt loop attachment and Leg strap.

First Aid Module (RROxy/FA/2015)

Same attachment options as the Diagnostic pouch, inside there are three mesh pouches to organise first aid items.

Paramedic Response Pack (PRP/2015)

Manufactured in I/C wipe clean Vinyl. It has a full foldaway backpack, dedicated Sharps Box pouch, large front pouch for drug pouches and Modules. This Velcro free pack has internal mesh compression flaps, to secure the large colours coded zipped internal pouches. Organised modules Cannulation, IM/IV/IO and Intubation Modules are also available that will fit into the PRP. The Large pull through handles, enable the pack to be moved quickly without completely zipping the pack together.

Paramedic Response Intubation Module (PRP/I/2015)

Designed to sit in the inner front section, secured with SR buckles the module can open out flat to form a clean work surface. It has mesh files for tubes and fixed mesh pouches for flats, dressings, tape etc. Fixed elastics for handles, blades, Magills etc. made to same I/C wipe clean specification.

Paramedic Response Cannulation IM/IV/IO Module (PRP/C/2015)

This module sits alongside the intubation module, inside the front section of the Paramedic Response Pack. The inside front section is for Venflons, opposite centre board for syringes etc. the rear for dressings and flats. The rear of the module for IO Gun etc. made to same I/C wipe clean specification.